Zhypermu News

Fixes and Updates New Patch Required to Connect

We have made some fixes on following:

PK Combo CTRL Bug - Fixed
Potion while CTRL Bug - Fixed
Duping Fixed
JOH Removal Item Lost - Fixed
Packet editor protection Added
Random Disconnect issue and AVG Issue - Fixed
AVG Anti Virus Issue - Fixed
Zero Zen drop - fixed
Lehap Soul Duping Trick. - Fixed
EPE (EncryptPE) Blocked.


New Summoner Skills Added

- Sleep
Makes monster sleep for X seconds time.
- Drain Life
Drains X amount of life from monster/player and add to your character.
- Chain Lighting
Deals X damage to max 3 monsters by lightening. Max range is 6 and max spread is 2.
- Damage Reflex
Creates a shield for X seconds that reflect X % of damage to all attacking players/monsters.
Can be used on all other players/summoned monsters/party members.


New Event:

Temple of Illusion IS NOW FULLY WORKING :)

- Blue NPC fixed
- Reward system added
- Ranking system added
- Prize is not 100% given, as desired to prevent overflooding server with Gold Fenrirs


3rd Quest System Guide:



It is required to Run your auto updater in order to connect.

If auto updater does not work please download the patch manually:

Mirror 1: http://www.gameguard.ws/update.zip
Mirror 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/31vk7n