1st Class Quest

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2nd Class quest

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3rd Class Quest

<----- Talk to him to start this quest

Must finish 2nd class quest (bk,sm,me) first . After that finish marlon's quest (lvl 220)[Ring of Honor and Dark Stone]
and you need level 380 or higher to do this quest.

Also very important if u buy quest items buy only the needed items cuz quest items can no longer be sold or dropped, and they will get stucked in your inventory

talk to NPC Priest Devin in Barrack 28 81

you need to find

3x Flame of Death Beam Knight
3x Horn of Hell Miney
3x Feather of Phoenix of Darkness

you can find them in Icarus each item takes up FOUR spots not 2 so you need a min of 36 free blocks to hold all

Take them back to the Priest and you will be the upgraded version of the class

1st Class - 2nd Class - 3rd Class
Dark Knight- Blade Knight- Blade Master
Dark Wizard - Soul Master - Grand Master
Elf Muse - Elf - High Elf
Magic Gladiator - [None] - Duel Master
Dark Lord - [None] - Lord Emperor