Dark Knight / Blade Knight

The Dark Knights are the embodiment of strength and power. In close combat, they can deliver deadly attacks while taking more damage that would kill any other class. Due to their excellent combat abilities and high number of hit points, Dark Knights can venture out alone without much problem. He can wear different types of armors and can use a wide variety of melee weapons from swords and axes to spears. The skills of the Dark Knight do not eat up as much mana as compared to the skills from other classes. This makes energy a low priority among Dark Knights. In addition, Dark Knight training has granted them special skills (Raid Skill) while riding Dinorants, enabling them to wield spears more efficiently and commanding these magnificent creatures to spit balls of fire.

Equippable Weapons.

All Axes, All Swords, All Maces (except Elemental Mace), All Spears.

Equippable Armor.

Leather Set, Bronze Set, Scale Set, Brass Set, Plate Set, Dragon Set, Black Dragon Set, Phoenix Set, Great Dragon Set

Equippable Shields.

Round Shield, Buckler, Horn Shield, Kite Shield, Bone Shield, Big Round Shield, Plate Shield, Spiked Shield, Dragon Slayer Shield, Tower Shield, Serpent Shield, Bronze Shield, Dragon Shield.

Exclusive items for Dark Knight/Blade Knight.

Wings of Dragon, Knight Blade, Dragon Spear.

Dark Wizard / Soul Master

Some men strive for physical perfection. Others would rather bend the laws of nature to benefit their cause. The Dark Wizard can command the elements to smite his foes. He can also call upon the spirits to aid him. Most people are wary of the powers of the Dark Wizard and usually leave them alone. However, others make the mistake of thinking them an easy target due to their weak stature. But do not be deceived! Many warriors have suddenly been engulfed in flames before even reaching a Dark Wizard.

The Dark Wizard has an array of offensive spells that can defeat any man or beast in no time. Although powerful, many of these spells require time to find as well as huge amounts of energy to master and large amounts of mana to cast.

Equippable Weapons.

All 1-Hand Axes, Kris, Short Sword, Crystal Sword, All Staves.

Equippable Armor.

Pad Set, Bone Set, Sphinx Set, Legendary Set, Grand Soul Set, Dark Soul Set.

Equippable Shields.

Round Shield, Buckler, Horn Shield, Bone Shield, Legendary Shield, Grand Soul Shield.

Exclusive items for Dark Wizard/Soul Master.

Wings of Soul, Staff of Kundun, Venom Mist Armour

Fairy Elf / Muse Elf

The elves of Noria are an old and ancient race. They claim that they were the first race on MU before the human and goblin. A Norian elf is said to have unearthly beauty and grace. While they may shy away from hand to hand combat, one cannot say that they are weak. The elves were the ones who had taught man the art of the bow. Nobody can beat an elf in an archery contest. The elves of Noria have also made pacts with other races. They call upon such pacts to aid them in battle.

Elves are an asset to any party as energy elves or as agility elves. Energy elves have "buffing" spells that can increase defense, offense or heal party members. Her summons can turn the tides of battle. Agility elves are amazing ranged fighters and their quick attacks and high flee rates make them excellent tankers.

Equippable Weapons.

Elven Axe, Kris, Short Sword, Rapier, Light Saber, Light Spear, All Bows and Crossbows.

Equippable Armor.

Vine Set, Silk Set, Wind Set, Spirit Set, Guardian Set, Divine Set, Red Spirit Set.

Equippable Shields.

Round shield, Buckler, Elven Shield, Elemental Shield.

Exclusive items for Fairy Elf/Muse Elf.

Elven Wings, Wings of Spirit, Arrow Viper Bow.

Magic Gladiator

Some men have mastered the art of magic at an early age. Others have mastered the way of the sword. A scant few have managed the impossible. They have mastered both sword and sorcery. These savants of might and magic are known as Magic Gladiators. The Magic Gladiators have found the secrets of casting their magic while wearing armor that would encumber any sorcerer. They can also wield blades as good as any knight. Due to their mystical nature they have endless endurance and can run for great distances. Magic Gladiators are also quick learners and advance faster than other classes.

Magic Gladiators can use an array of spells, skills and armors that may be used by the Dark Knights and Dark Wizards. Although his combat skills and spells are not as complete as a pure Dark Knight or Dark Wizard, the combination of these abilities makes him a truly devastating character. Magic Gladiators have the ability to master the skill of Ultimate Attack. They can also use most game items and commands at 2/3rd less the level requirement of other classes enabling them to enter zones earlier than other characters and wear stronger equipment at lower levels. In order to unlock the Magic Gladiator you must have a basic character who has achieved a level of 220.

Equippable Weapons.

All Axes, All Swords (except Dark Breaker), All Maces (except Elemental Mace), All Spears
(except Dragon Spear).

Equippable Armor (without helms).

Leather Set, Bronze Set, Brass Set, Scale Set, Plate Set, Dragon Set.

Equippable Shields.

All Shields (except Elven, Elemental, Legendary and Grand Soul Shield).

Excusive items for Magic Gladiators.

Wings of Darkness, Storm Crow Set, Thunder Set, Hurricane Set, Rune Blade, Dark Reign Blade

Magic Gladiators who have reached the requirements can learn the following knight skills.

Twisting Slash, Impale

Magic Gladiators who have invested in energy may learn the following wizard spells.

Fireball, Power Wave, Lightning, Meteor, Sudden Ice, Poison, Flame, Twister, Hellfire, Aqua Beam, Cometfall and Inferno.

Dark Lord / Dark Emperor

The Dark Lords of MU have surfaced to help face Kundun. They are bred leaders as they used to command great armies and creatures of power in the golden ages. As the threat of Kundun grows ever nearer some have decided to return and help the citizens survive these troubling times. Others on the other hand have returned to seize the opportunity to gain power from the battles that are about to begin.

The Dark Lord enters combat brandishing his phenomenal charisma in the battlefield. He has the power to summon the spirits of his raven and steed to help him defeat his opponents. Another wielder of great power like the Magic Gladiators of MU, he can wield equipment and enter zones at 2/3rd less the requirement of other classes. He also has learned spells and techniques never before seen by the inhabitants of MU. In order to unlock the Dark lord you must have a basic character that has achieved a level of 250.

Equippable Weapon Sets.

Small Axe, Short Sword, Hand Axe, Kris, Mace, Sword of Assassin, Morning Star, Double Axe, Katana, Tomahawk, Gladius, Flail, Falchion, Serpent Sword, Blade, Sword of Archangel.

Equippable Armor Sets.

Leather Set, Bronze Set, Scale Set.

Exclusive items for Dark Lord.

Cape of Lord, Dark Lord Pets - Dark Spirit and Dark Horse, Battle Scepter, Master Scepter,
Great Scepter, Lord Scepter, Great Lord Scepter (pet attack improves when wielding scepters)
Light Plate Set, Adamantine Set, Dark Steel Set and Dark Master Set